UPDATE, January 14: Added to the list of stolen goods. We keep finding missing things every day…

After a long day’s work at the mine last Sunday, I went back to my room to relax. I was mindlessly wasting time on Facebook, Instagram, etc. for about an hour when I realized that I should probably call my husband and go to bed already. I opened my email to call him on Google Hangouts and found this sitting in my inbox for four hours:


I was like, WHAT?!?!?!?!

My heart sank. I called my husband immediately. He answered but had to hang up as he was speaking with the police.

Long story short: someone broke into our apartment while we were away over the holidays and stole a bunch of our stuff. The burglary occurred sometime between December 31st and January 8th. WHAT SCUMBAGS, preying on people over the New Year.

What he/she/they stole:

  • Electric guitar, amp, and hard case
  • LG DVD player and DVD’s (there weren’t a lot and they weren’t that great BUT STILL)
  • LCD computer screen
  • Old amplifier for our future turntable
  • Canon DSLR camera
  • Samsung DSLR camera
  • Nikon shockproof/waterproof camera
  • 2 HP laptops
  • Binoculars
  • Kindle DX
  • BlackBerry PlayBook
  • GoPro Hero 4 Silver
  • $2400 cash

Weird things they stole:

  • Hard shell suitcase (presumably to carry the stuff)
  • 2 duffel bags (1 extremely large one, 1 medium-sized)
  • Dark green North Face fall jacket
  • My makeup bag (just when I learned contouring last year… n0ob), which also had my prized pearl earrings in it
  • 4 bottles of liquor, including this special gin my husband bought from an artisanal distillery in New Brunswick
  • Box of chocolate
  • Box of specialty loose leaf tea… like, REALLY?!?!
They probably thought they could smoke it

Curiously, they spared us our TV and my husband’s Nikon DSLR camera. The TV was likely too big to carry out inconspicuously and they either just missed the camera on the top shelf or thought stealing 4 cameras at once was maybe too much.

How they got in

And no, we don’t have renter’s insurance. Not that it really matters.

Talking to my husband that night reminded me of our car accident, which happened a year and eight months ago now. Except for our car which was completely destroyed, we could have lost all our belongings inside it (camping and hiking gear, laptops, cameras, ID’s, etc.). I didn’t care one bit: my husband and I were alive and together and that was enough.


And we didn’t even lose anything from the car wreckage, really. The only things I lost were what I was wearing that day: a Casio watch, Zara shorts, and 10k race shirt. I even got my sunglasses and sports bra back (the paramedics/nurses cut all the straps but whatever)! Pretty good deal for what we went through.

Oh dear GoPro, your second life after the car accident was s0 short-lived

Nevertheless, getting robbed still sucked. I came home from work two days later. Our landlord still needs to replace our broken window and we triple check all the locks on our doors before going to sleep. Every time I can’t find something in our apartment, I automatically blame it on the robbers. (This morning it was the bread knife… but I found it, LOL.)

In the end, it’s just stuff. And we’re fortunate enough to be able to replace all that. (Or not, right? I can connect my laptop to the TV to play DVD’s!) Life goes on and I’m not that upset over losing those things. What truly matters is that neither of us was there when they smashed that window and that we’re both safe and healthy.

Guys, who I am kidding… the GoPro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Huhuhuhuhu (this was taken with it on our honeymoon)