When I broke my neck in a car accident a year and six months ago and spent the summer in house arrest as I recovered in my Frankenstein-like halo brace, I signed up for a free online writing course to pass the time. I never thought it would lead me to meet a group of talented and creative writers from all over the world who are as passionate as I am about the simple act of telling a story.

And this would be me working behind the computer

After nearly a year of everyone’s hard work, persistence, and dedication, what was once an unassuming “Hey, anyone want to collaborate on a book together?” on the course’s forum is now turning into a reality! Although we pushed very hard to get our passion project published into hard copy, the publishing business was quite unforgiving. Nonetheless, the Magic Diary Project is happy to announce that we’re coming out with a Kindle version of “A Pocketful of Dreams” in the New Year!


A couple of promotional materials are coming your way as we launch our eBook. Here is the first – a collection of recipes submitted by the writers from the Americas and Europe. The cookbook is similar to the eBook in that the eBook is a collection of short stories from across the world.

In the cookbook, I’m ~*representing*~ Canada with my recipe of Pouding Chômeur from Québec… I married a Québecois after all! Given how it’s so delicious and decadent, it’s surprising how easy and cheap it is to make. Born out of necessity during the Great Depression, Pouding Chômeur uses ingredients that you probably already have in your fridge and pantry right now. (I’m basically saying you have to make it as soon as possible!)


As our group is composed of fifty writers from across the continents, there will be more recipe collections to come! Look out for Europe, Africa, and Asia… and of course, the eBook itself in January 2017!

Open/download the PDF directly here!

No dumb email signups or anything. But please excuse my typo on the egg. Huhu.