I know it’s been almost three weeks since I last wrote something here (about 15% of the time my blog has even existed). Like everyone, I’ve just been busy with the holidays and my (neck brace-free) LIFE in general! You’d think (and I thought) that being off from work on disability, I would have so much free time… but I really don’t. This, right now, is actually the first chance I’ve gotten to write in my blog again!

I do have many, many ideas for upcoming posts which I have been brainstorming all this time:

  • My neck-xercises: Month 1
  • Being on the other side: When my 15-year-old brother fractured his skull
  • Save the best (month) for last
  • Effectively learning French online with iboux.com
  • My 2015: A year of living, losing, and learning
  • How we lived financially worry-free despite $450,000 worth of health care bills (and no, we didn’t go into debt)
  • The thought of going back to work as a geologist: Seven months later and I was still crying about it
  • Adulting is hard
  • Physiotherapy clinic no. 4

And if I actually keep up with my recovery articles, I really want to write some posts on my wedding planning experiences:

  • The search for my groom’s tuxedo
  • DIY bridal make-up
  • DIY wedding stationery
  • DIY wedding scrapbook guestbook

(My husband just caught me writing here: “Heyyy, that’s not [French] homework!” Hehehe.)

Tomorrow I have the whole evening FREEEEEE and I can’t wait to write!!!

Okay, time to start my French homework. Hey, remember when I said that my short-term goal was to reach the High Intermediate Level (B2)? Well as of today…


I’m back in French immersion school part-time and I want to attain the Advanced Level (C1) before my neurosurgeon approves me to go back to work in March!

Alright, my husband is really hassling me to do my homework now! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season!


Back in snowy Québec City!