The day had come – flying from Toronto to Québec City to come home to our apartment! I knew I would be so bored waiting around that I made a video of myself going through the airport. Hehehehe. My dad, mom, and little brother brought me there and my husband picked me up on the other side. Watch in HD, enjoy!

Music: Let’s Get Out of This Country – Camera Obscura (RIP Carey Lander 😇)


From YYZ to YQB, I could fly with either Air Canada or Westjet. If you have a medical condition like I do (the obvious neck brace and recent spinal surgery), Air Canada requires approval from your physician before you can fly. I had to do this for my flight from LAX to YYZ in the Minerva jacket. It wasn’t much of a big deal, except that my neurosurgeon had to fill out a comprehensive medical form and it had to be signed 10 days before my flight.

I was worried that my new neurosurgeon wouldn’t be able to return this form to me in time for when I wanted to leave Toronto. It took him two weeks to sign a disability parking permit application for me, and a month for a disability form for my insurance. Luckily Westjet doesn’t require such approval. I don’t know why, I guess they trust people enough that they won’t endanger themselves if they’re not supposed to fly???

I requested wheelchair service after my previous experience at the airport. I was also traveling alone, so I thought it would just make everything go more smoothly. Honestly, this time I think it took more time going through the airport with a wheelchair and those golf cart-like shuttles. I made it to the gate with less than 10 minutes to spare.


I received the best service on the plane. The stewardess, who reminded me of my sister-in-law, was so nice to me and attended to my every need. I obviously had to tell her what the deal was with the neck brace. When I asked for more pretzels (twice), I ended up getting five in total. LOL.


Happy to be home with my husband!