Before leaving the hospital, my nurse Rosemary instructed us to change the dressings on my two incisions (neck and hip) daily. We were to clean the areas around the incisions and examine them for any weird discharge. I am forever grateful to my mom for being my home nurse who had to deal with this.

With the dressing on my neck
Dressing removed

You can still see the lines drawn from the surgery!!!
Hip incision with some bruising
This became invaluable in removing all the tape gunk from my skin!!!

My wounds remained very clean. So much so that my mom and I changed the dressings only every other day. Hehe.

Both my mom and I honestly couldn’t remember if I could shower neck down after a few days of having a clean hip incision (no discharge on the dressing). My nurse said that we had to be sure that the wound was entirely closed because any water getting inside may infect it. I just decided to leave it as is and wait the three weeks until my follow-up with my neurosurgeon. Until then I just wiped my upper body with wet, soapy towels and/or showered it carefully (with a removable showerhead) so that the dressing wouldn’t get wet. Come on, I survived wiping my entire upper body with BABY WIPES for 14 weeks in the halo. (Even the very thought of it makes me shudder.) I thought I could surely handle this inconvenience.

My incisions today:

The incision doesn’t go further in the neck brace. It’s only about 1 1/2 inches wide.
The hip incision is very small, 1 inch max. I still don’t know what those bruise-like things around it are.