Day 5 post-op
In our backyard, Day 5 post-op
  • I slept A LOT and it was great. I didn’t wake up before 11:00 am and always had a nap in the afternoon.
  • I tirelessly watched Masterchef Season 6.
  • I attempted to clean my hair with a homemade dry shampoo, since I couldn’t wash my hair for three weeks. Though my sister had an aerosol can of commercial dry shampoo, I made a cornstarch and baking soda mixture that I put in my hair using a salt shaker. While it seemed like a great idea as I read about it online and watched YouTube videos of people doing this, it was an absolute FAIL. It did a good job cleaning my hair (it wasn’t so oily anymore) but I couldn’t remove all the tiny white particles from my hair. 😖 This definitely added insult to injury.

  • Family and friends visited me at home!
  • After Day 3 post-op, I began to walk outside again to regain my strength and to exercise. I started walking 30 minutes a day, gradually increasing it to one hour per day again.
  • While my shoulders were still sore from my previous neck braces, I stopped going for physical therapy for my shoulders as my PT allowance from my insurance was running out. I still continued doing the exercises at home though.
  • When I dressed up to go see my family doctor, I realized I COULD WEAR A BRA NOW AFTER FOUR MONTHS!!!
  • After a week post-op, I finally got the strength and willpower to cook myself a meal. I let my parents do all the cooking since I was discharged. I made a salmon pesto pita pizza with yellow peppers and it was delicious!
  • I started this blog! Read my first entry here.
Using the disability parking permit for the first time!