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The jam itself: It was homemade by my husband’s grandmother using rhubarb from her own garden in New Brunswick. Because my husband and I have both loved this jam so much over the last couple of years, we had long decided that these would be our wedding favours. We didn’t want to give away useless favours. Plus, getting food is always great.

Unfortunately I completely forgot to ask his mom and grandmother about it until late August, when the rhubarb growing season was long over. Boo. The alternative: Frozen rhubarb from somewhere.

Fortunately grandmaman had already made and canned lots of rhubarb jam for themselves. So over Christmas she along with my mother-in-law just re-canned them into smaller jars.

Caraquet 1-20141227-00567

I actually had no idea they had done this until they e-mailed me this very picture. YAY, ONE BIG THING OFF THE LIST!!! I was so grateful and thanked them profusely. I don’t know how to make AND can fruit preserves and I dreaded having to learn and actually do this myself like on here.

For scale:


The packaging: I jazzed up each jar with a printed cloth (from Fabricland), elastic bands, brown string, and tag I designed and printed myself.

I actually had to figure out how to put the cloth on there. LOL. I ended up just drawing circles vs. squares (easier to put on and looked less awkward).

  • Cloth diameter = 4″
  • Lid diameter = 1.69″
  • Width of cloth hanging off all sides = 0.75″

Next I had to put two elastic bands around the cloth because using the string only didn’t hold the cloth well enough.

I then used the string to attach the tag.

The tag: I designed it on Adobe Illustrator. I forgot where exactly I got the clipart for the rhubarb, but it was from a free antique/vintage clipart site (just do a search on Google). I printed it on paper I already bought for other DIY projects, cut each tag, and punched a hole in the upper left corner.


jam label


  • Cloth = $7.91 (my apologies, I can’t remember how many yards or meters this was. But it was enough to cut 96 4″ diameter circles)
  • Small pink elastic bands = $2 from Walmart (for 200+)
  • Brown string = $3 from Brico (not all was used)
  • Label = Designed myself and printed using my own printer
  • Paper = Pack of 50 sturdy linen sheets for approx. $20. I used max 10 sheets
  • Jam jars = free, generously given by my husband’s mom, she ordered them from, a supplier for honey making businesses in Saskatoon, Canada. They ship only to Canada. A box of 24 45 ml jars cost $11.95 ($0.50 per jar). She ordered four boxes (96 jars) = $47.80 + tax. Unfortunately she paid a hefty shipping fee because the jars were shipped express to can the jam that Christmas. You can contact them for regular shipping fees, or you can acquire jars like these in some retail stores.
  • Rhubarb jam = free (AND DELICIOUS), made by my husband’s grandmother

What I actually spent: $18.08 (including tax)

Total including jars: $102.09 (including tax and assuming $30 regular shipping),

or $1.06 per favour!


So great on toast!

If you don’t DIY:

Feel free to share your ideas for other incredibly affordable and useful (or yummy) favours!