In case you don’t want to go through all the pictures starting from my first wedding post, here is our highlight video. Watch it in HD!

Videography by Andrew G Productions

Music: Dresses – Blew My Mind

Photo booth (password: glenerin; PLEASE WATCH – SUPER CUTE)

I have a separate blog post on our budget and how we made it work – but our entire wedding cost us $16,000. Right when we started planning our wedding, we knew we didn’t want to spend an exorbitant amount of money (apparently the average cost for a Canadian wedding nowadays is $31,685… and we wanted to spend only half of that).

We made such a smart choice to do our wedding over lunch. It cost way less than a dinner wedding, and at 4:30pm, we still had the entire afternoon and evening ahead of us! We had a room at the inn at the Carriage House (the building literally used to be a stable for horses). Very quaint yet modern too. Unfortunately my husband still had to finish writing a paper for one of his courses (he is currently pursuing a Master’s in Geology). HUGE PARTY-POOPER, RIGHT? We opened presents and read cards during his writing breaks. I cried intermittently. LOL.

These phone photos are a far cry from the high-quality photographer photos in my previous posts!


For dinner, we headed to the nearby Piatto Restaurant (1646 Dundas Street West, Mississauga, Ontario L5C 1E6). This was actually one of the places I scouted as a reception venue. The food is delicious (Italian and French) and ambiance very classy. However, it could not hold the number of guests we planned to have in one place. They would have to be split into two areas… and that would just be weird.


I had the rabbit which was SO JUICY AND DELECTABLE



The manager Alejandro was thrilled that we chose his restaurant for dinner on our wedding night. I met him in February 2014 when my cousin and I scouted this place. He still remembered me!


And that’s a wrap! Good night~