Our 75 guests were waiting in the reception hall long enough. Time to introduce the new bride and groom!


In my haste in changing from my wedding dress, I forgot to wear my pearl necklace with my dancing dress 😞

We opened immediately to our first dance to Laura Veirs’s “Drink Deep”.

275C5077 (1)


Yo, we legit took dancing lessons and PRACTICED this Viennese Waltz!!! Our finale:

275C5093 (1)

On with the rest of the programme! This was the programme I made on Adobe Illustrator (back side of the menu). Our friends hosted and DJ-ed for us.


Okay, let me take this time to share probably the WORST mishap of the wedding. It’s actually not that bad. See the cake topper in this picture again?


Well it was supposed to be on the cake, but there it was, randomly placed on a back table! I saw it there just before we started the dance and tried to remain cool. I was very excited about this hiking couple cake topper because it was totally us (I got it online last minute and had to get it shipped express). My sister even painted the hair to match our hair colours LOL. She was going to put it on the cake table on the morning of the wedding so that the bakery would see it and put it on the cake upon delivery. But the inn’s staff told her to just give it to them… and the staff probably forgot and just left it there on the back table. So disappointing. Anyway, when cake cutting time came, I told our emcee about it and she just rushed to the back to get it and put it on the cake. Crisis averted 😌

We had a vanilla cake with lemon curd filling and lemon buttercream frosting. I love lemon-y desserts. And my husband’s only request was for the cake not to have cheese in it. Another crisis averted: my sister-in-law was supposed to make our cake as she is a very talented baker. We were emailing each other about all our ideas for the cake for a year, and she even made us a sample once! Unfortunately her grandfather passed away the week before the wedding and she couldn’t make the cake anymore. The funeral was actually on our wedding day so she couldn’t even come. I was more disappointed with the fact that she couldn’t come to our wedding than that she couldn’t make the cake – she helped me so much with planning and translating! But I was also upset that she lost a person really dear to her heart. Anyway, we just contacted a familiar bakery with a week to go. She mailed them these edible gold leaves she planned to put on the cake. I got the flowers from my florist so I wouldn’t have to pay the baker a hefty fee for simple flowers.

275C5036 (1)

Another one of my sister-in-law’s awesome ideas: pistachio and cranberry white chocolate bark as an extra dessert with the wedding cake. It’s VERY EASY (my 12-year old sister made 100+ of these, come on) and CHEAP (just less than $50) to make. The wood stand is my own (it’s supposed to be a cheese platter).

DanicaPierre-dbdPhotography-0J8A0829 (4)

The other cake table decor (cage, bowl, cake stand) was rented from a vintage rental company. The cake knife and server was from my husband’s grandmother!



275C5101 (1)

My husband’s best man was his brother. To us!


275C5132 (1)

Grace before meal by my dad

DanicaPierre-dbdPhotography-0J8A0940 (1)



The place cards were colour-coded (chicken, beef, vegetarian, or kids).

DanicaPierre-dbdPhotography-0J8A1011 (1)

275C5201 (1)

We re-used the bridesmaids’ bouquets as head table flowers. I just had the decorator make vases for them.



I changed back into my wedding dress just before dessert. Some were in the cocktail room having an awesome time with the photo booth… me included!

275C5287 (1)

Dessert. When I saw that the white chocolate bark wasn’t plated with the cake as instructed, I went to the back immediately and told the staff. They probably got scared. LOL. The staff then went around the tables serving the bark.


Don’t forget to sign the guest book! I had many ideas for our guest book and this was definitely the most interactive one! Guests would write their message and then sign their name with stickers – an idea that came to me while wandering in a craft store for way too long.

275C5307 (2)

Chillin’ on the patio

275C5292 (1)


We said hello to all our guests.

DanicaPierre-dbdPhotography-0J8A0987 (1)


Okay, we visited like three tables. We didn’t have time as the programme had to continue.

Maid-of-honour speech. My cousin was a no-brainer choice for my maid-of-honour – she is my “best cousin”, best friend, and almost-sister.




275C5170 (2)

Father-daughter and mother-son dance to “All You Need is Love” by The Beatles.

275C5224 (1)


DanicaPierre-dbdPhotography-0J8A1038 (1)


Everyone was invited to the dance floor. We saw some sick moves!

275C5254 (1)






Our wedding favours: homemade rhubarb jam by my husband’s grandmother using rhubarb from her own garden in New Brunswick. It has always been a favourite of ours. I love going to my husband’s parents’ home in Québec and having toast with this rhubarb jam for breakfast.


Some didn’t feel like dancing but they had a great time at the photo booth.





Bouquet toss

275C5317 (2)

275C5321 (1)




My friend’s girlfriend got the bouquet where it fell behind the tables. They just got engaged actually 😍

275C5331 (1)

A bit more dancing followed, then we finally said our thank-you’s. We had to get everything finished by like 3:30 or 4:00pm (I can’t remember) since there was another wedding here in the evening.


Our send-off was with bubbles. We put this container on each table – in it was some fake moss and small bubble blowing things. By the way, EVERYTHING FOR THIS WAS FROM THE DOLLAR STORE!!! It’s amazing how aimlessly wandering in the Dollar Store a week before the wedding can inspire me.

275C5305 (3)

DanicaPierre-dbdPhotography-0J8A1194 (1)

Our host instructed the guests how the send-off would work before the programme started. They basically organized themselves at the inn’s entrance.



275C5372 (2)


Au revoir~

275C5391 (1)

It was such a wonderful day filled with love and support from all our family and friends.

Many thanks to all who made our day incredibly special!

Vendors seen here:

Reception: The Glenerin Inn – 1695 The Collegeway, Mississauga, Ontario L5L 3S7 (contact Faye Kotcyk)

Dancing dress: Boutique 1861, custom-fit to me by my grandmother

Dance instructor: Alexsandra Plaza, alexsandraplaza@gmail.com

Programme/menu: Designed on Adobe Illustrator, printed by Vistaprint

Cake topper: Hiking couple on Weddingfavours.ca

Cake: Yummy Stuff – 1660 Queen St W, Toronto, Ontario M6R 1B2

White chocolate bark: Homemade by my sister

Jam: Jam homemade by my husband’s grandmother, jar decorated by yours truly

Bubbles: Dollar Store ($1.50 or $2 for a pack of 9), faux moss and glass container also from the Dollar Store

Vintage decor rentals (antique frames on tables, cake stand, bird cage): Southern Charm Vintage Rentals – Whitby, Ontario (contact Kathie Barone) – HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Centrepieces, backdrop, cake and head table drapings: Marbleberry Events – 7895 Tranmere Drive, Unit, Mississauga, Ontario L5Y 1V9 (contact Patrice Thomas)

Photographer: Carrie Scherkus – HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!