Four months post-accident, I have decided to write about my experiences from breaking my neck and left arm in a terrible car accident in Southern California. I have long contemplated establishing a blog as things were happening, but was not motivated enough (I took a lot of pictures though, if ever I was so inclined). I have been sporting a neck brace since the accident, which is now an Aspen collar until December 2015… then rehab on my neck and back to work and sports for me!

Two weeks ago, my mind exploded with a stream of ideas of what I would put in this blog. I kid you not, I would lie awake at night thinking about these things (I found it hard to sleep in my neck brace at the time). I would actually have to get up, open a Word file or my notebook, and just write lists upon lists of stories, ideas, and experiences I wanted to share. For example, once, I fell asleep at 3:00 am after purging my ideas in my notebook.

I want to write mainly about my injury and recovery not only to express what I’ve gone through to my friends and family, but also to inform, guide, and inspire others with cervical spine fractures. I can’t tell you how much information as well as both hope and disappointment I gathered just by reading through and watching other people’s personal accounts (blogs, forums, comments, videos) of living with their injury. It just plain sucks going through such trauma and putting your life on pause or slow motion, but you learn to accept and continue to live with it. The mere fact that I barely escaped quadriplegia and death has given me a renewed perspective on and appreciation of life itself.

I also want to write about food (cooking and baking – from healthy recipes, favourite recipes, vegetarian/vegan recipes, quick and easy meals, vegetarian restaurant reviews, food adventures, etc.) as it is one of my passions and even a form of therapy for me at this time. Though I am a complete amateur and not an authority on food and nutrition whatsoever, I am happy to receive wonderful compliments from friends and family about my food (they even seriously ask for the recipes). Even if no one ever looks at this section, I myself can use it as a compilation of my favourite recipes and tips as I haven’t developed a system to organize that yet.

Finally, I want to document my wedding planning experience for all those brides-to-be! As of now, I know three of my friends getting married in the next year. At the very least, I want to reach out to them. At 26, I am the first in my family (both sides) and in my circle of friends to get married, so I hope this section will be useful for the many weddings to come. I will include stories and pictures from the day itself, my vendors/suppliers, my DIY projects (I had A LOT), my budget, and what I have learned. Blogging about wedding planning was actually in my original list of projects to tackle (I made a comprehensive list in Month 2, and it just keeps getting longer!).

I really do have so many ideas brewing in my head and I am so excited to do this. Honestly, even though I have had SO MUCH FREE TIME (I am currently off work on disability and will probably return in 2016 still), I have found many things to do and I haven’t been extremely bored. It’s to the point that I will actually need to make time for this. That’s a good thing, right?